JUNE 18TH, 2009

Hey there, So next up is Mike Tyson, you know “Dynamite Kid” “Iron Mike Tyson”, Undisputed Heavyweight Champion who was nearly invincible during his career of 50 Wins,
44 KO’s and 6 losses. Not bad at all, when compared to Ali considered “the greatest ever” ended his career at 56 Wins 37 KO’s and 5 losses.
The documentary titled “Tyson” was released in April nation wide and was praised as one of the better documentaries ever made on a professional boxer.
For the Films release, the Tyson team was doing all kinds of promoting, one of tasks was building him a website, the only website that the Champ endorses.

I was asked to paint a portrait of Tyson for the front page of his site, portraying him during the height of his career, fully loaded with all the tattoos including the famous face tatt, here’s what i did

Pepto Dismal Situations, Slamxhype is a site that covers ground breaking news from the ‘Street Culture’ world. They put on a show appropriately themed “Bailout”
The show has a success, it drew in tons of curious people from off the street, the show featured artists like Rob Abeyta Jr., Joe Hahn, Steven Daily, Ekundayo, Jon Dragonette, Anthony Lister, Myself, Misery, Andrew Pommier, and Butcher Block alongside the music of Sean Reveron and Shawn Mortensen

I composed these two pieces, i figured that when times are tough people tend to eat cheap. You can get a $8 salad at Whole Foods are 2 tacos for .99 at the Jack in the Box, or 2 cheeseburgers for a buck, i guess?
Fast food is definitely a staple in America’s diet, and it’s our death as well.

Last December i was in Miami attending Art Basel. It was quite the experience to say the least. I could say i was honestly arted out, and didn’t want to see another painting for the the next week.
While i was there, i participated in a show at the Harold Golen Gallery called Kaiju Monster Invasion. Click here to check out what this show produced. When i was there i meet a man named Jim Levy, he bought my painting. But, more interesting than that is he has one of the larger collections of Kaiju Monsters on the east coast, and probably the U.S, check his collection out on dislay in Miami
Here’s my piece from the exhibit, titled “Off Shore Sea Quarrel”