APRIL 18TH, 2012
This is the latest commission, I finished for a client that lives in Norway late last month.  It’s probably on it’s way there now.  When we were in Norway last year, we stayed with a friend of the family that happened to be a big art collector.  As I looked through his collection I realized
APRIL 18TH, 2012
Hey there, There’s an awesome show this weekend that I’m honored to be in.  ”Fire Walk With Me”.   A celebration of 20 years of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.  The line up is killer and the work I’ve seen so far is sooo good!!! Please stop on by Copro Nason and check it out.  Here’s
Bethany from Apartment Therapy came by a couple of weeks ago to shoot the after shots of Elsa’s nursery. Liv’s office and my new studio.  Here’s a link to the house tour about a year ago- AP House tour In part two of this tour, there’s a couple new things. Our kid Elsa is here,
Just finished a new commission titled “We Can’t Help You”   formally titled ” Booger Sugar Cookies”  it for a friend up in the bay area.  It lives in San Francisco now.  These things are never done, I did a couple more little things to it after it was shot.  I couldn’t leave it alone
Hey there, Here’s my post its for Giant Robot’s Post it Show this December 10th, Booyah!  It’s cash and carry, so you get to take them home that night!!  The exhibition starts Dec. 10th -29th  6:30-10:00pm Giant