OCTOBER 21ST, 2011
I did this Illustration for this Book called Fade to Black, a novel by Josh Pryor.  A snow blitzed hyperthermic zombie odyssey based in the icy dismal tundra of siberia. Here’s the original painting. And the version with
AUGUST 31ST, 2011
I just saw this!  There was 6 or 7 shorts pulled from the full length minute commercial that was made for Pac Sun. They’ve been airing on MTV, Adult Swim, Comedy Central, and Cartoon Network. Each short runs about 17 seconds.  Here’s mine! Leo Romero/ Jeff McMillan/
AUGUST 23RD, 2011
Hey there, the guys from Vans came by last week for a studio visit and interview, I want to thank them for cruising out and also for the kicks they gave me.  Really cool! Thanks YS!  If I look tired in the video it’s because I am. Lots of work; teaching, painting, freelancing and a
AUGUST 12TH, 2011
Happy August! I hope everyone is well, ……So I’ve been a little behind schedule lately. We had the baby about a month ago, and I’m struggling to get a couple small things done a day. I really have to be creative with my time now, but this is great news, the baby good news too
JULY 7TH, 2011
Here’s some new studies in the works for a larger future pieces. Rebecca Fishsticks/ Hi Tiger! Gobi Gong Farmer Girl/ B