AUGUST 23RD, 2011
Hey there, the guys from Vans came by last week for a studio visit and interview, I want to thank them for cruising out and also for the kicks they gave me.  Really cool! Thanks YS!  If I look tired in the video it’s because I am. Lots of work; teaching, painting, freelancing and a
AUGUST 12TH, 2011
Happy August! I hope everyone is well, ……So I’ve been a little behind schedule lately. We had the baby about a month ago, and I’m struggling to get a couple small things done a day. I really have to be creative with my time now, but this is great news, the baby good news too
JULY 7TH, 2011
Here’s some new studies in the works for a larger future pieces. Rebecca Fishsticks/ Hi Tiger! Gobi Gong Farmer Girl/ B
APRIL 26TH, 2011
I just got studio 2.0 up and running late last night.  I snapped a couple shots this morning.  It looks nice a clean now, but I don’t think that will last too
APRIL 20TH, 2011
Greg “Craola” Simkins curated a group show at Gallery 1988, where over 100 artists interpreted the anti-hero of Watership Down Here’s Carrot