AUGUST 12TH, 2011
Happy August! I hope everyone is well, ……So I’ve been a little behind schedule lately. We had the baby about a month ago, and I’m struggling to get a couple small things done a day. I really have to be creative with my time now, but this is great news, the baby good news too
JULY 7TH, 2011
Here’s some new studies in the works for a larger future pieces. Rebecca Fishsticks/ Hi Tiger! Gobi Gong Farmer Girl/ B
APRIL 26TH, 2011
I just got studio 2.0 up and running late last night.  I snapped a couple shots this morning.  It looks nice a clean now, but I don’t think that will last too
APRIL 20TH, 2011
Greg “Craola” Simkins curated a group show at Gallery 1988, where over 100 artists interpreted the anti-hero of Watership Down Here’s Carrot
APRIL 2ND, 2011
Here’s the final, I got this professionally shot yesterday. It’s off to the Long Beach Museum of Art or LBMA now.  I’m happy and honored to announce that it’s their signature piece for the event.   They’ve used it for all the advertising and promos.   The title of the piece came from a Biosphere song,