The depiction of rage, suffering, gloom, depravity, and the supernatural in illustration and design is often seen as unsettling and offensive, but often these disturbing images elaborate the wildest dreams and subconscious desires of humans in richer form than any text analysis.  Not necessarily conflicting with the belief in a heavenly world, Dark Inspiration invites
I got my act together and uploaded all of art my photos, I promise to keep them organize from here on out.  This is a Poster I did for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at the Hammer Museum.  It was a ways back, but it was a good show. Take me to Jeff’s flickr
OCTOBER 26TH, 2010
RVCA is having artists from their ANP program show their work along side music, and cinema.   I have a couple pieces in this show tomorrow night. www.sophisticatesunited
OCTOBER 10TH, 2010
AUGUST 31ST, 2010
A new site coming and this blog goes bye bye… so follow me on my new site. All the news all the time in one place from now on. coming soon…. I’ll redirect you when the time comes new commission piece Al Green at the Greek Poster my Kii Arens a