APRIL 2ND, 2011
Last week I was in Venice all day shooting a commercial.  I did this live painting of a bird that was a previous RVCA shirt graphic from a couple seasons ago, here’s the graphic.  The connection between the shirt graphic and the live painting, according to the director was Leo Romero was skating by wearing the
MARCH 18TH, 2011
Hey there, Originally this show was planned months earlier with the theme of water and as a benefit for clean drinking water.   With the unfortunate earthquake/tsunami disaster, plans have changed.  It’ll now be a benefit for Japan.  Please cruise out and see the show.  If you can’t make it to the opening, works are
On February 26th 2011, TAG, the world’s first and leading toy art gallery, will host Mark Nagata’s Alien Argus Custom Group Show! This is our biggest custom show to date, and features the work of almost 70 toy artists Here’s a couple shots of mine, I just delivered it t
New commission. Reagan the Centenarian, if he was alive and not turning blue from the neck up.  It is weird timing though, with Reagan turning a 100 and  being in the news la
Check out the pics from Planet Illogica sponsored exhibition Suggestivism at the Grand Central Art Center curated by Nathan Spoor!  More pics to come soon, this batch was taken by the Marisa Gerardin.  Click here to see the p