JANUARY 19TH, 2011
It’s back, and this time it’s personal!   Here’s a new piece for the 3rd annual “Gag Me With a Toon”  group show at Melt Gallery February 4th.  Go check it out if you have a chance.  It’s always fun to revisit the old cartoons we all used to watch. Melt Gallery February 4th 2011 / 7522
Here’s a Tanner surfboard I customized for an event that RVCA is a part of later on this month.  More details to
I made these little paintings of the alphabet initially for Art Basel, as give away promos.  They went like hotcakes, everyone has a favorite letter.  I’ve always wanted to paint the alphabet and make some kind of kids letter cards, a deck of playing cards, or something along those lines.  The second of this project
This last weekend BJ Penn defeated Matt Hughes in 21 seconds.  It was a huge win for BJ.  The guys at RVCA were pretty jazzed on his victory.  This pict was taken night of the fight with BJ wearing my shirt I did for RVCA. Here’s a link to purchase “To Victory” if you want
Here ‘s a little info on the show, just borrowed it from the LBMA website-   Influential Element will feature over 30 contemporary works by California-based artists who seek to explore the infinite ways in which water impacts our everyday life. The exhibition will feature works in a variety of media, including oil paint on