JUNE 10TH, 2010
June 26th at the Grand Central Art Center, here’s the link “bunny gotta little devil” Acrylic and Oil on wood panel 10 x
JUNE 2ND, 2010
The Piano is almost done, we need put the wheels and pedals back on, gloss it and sign it. Here’s a couple of picts we took yesterday. I need to set up a photo shoot for it sometime in the next couple of weeks. These are great picts considering all the reflecting lights that were
JUNE 2ND, 2010
100 Artists See Satan was originally organized by GCAC in response to another exhibition, 100 Artists See God, curated by John Baldessari and Meg Cranston for Independent Curators Inc. New York. The two shows exhibited simultaneously in 2004, Satan at GCAC and God at Laguna Art Museum, and gained notable attention from the public and
MAY 18TH, 2010
The 2nd annual Movers and Shakers show open this friday at the Ronin Gallery. Ronin Gallery presents Movers & Shakers II , opening on Friday May 21st 2010 (7-11 PM) Curated by Gino Joukar, the show is a followup to ‘09’s Movers and Shakers. This year’s edition features a talented and diverse group of artists
APRIL 8TH, 2010
So i have been working on this piece (a piano) for the last couple of months. It’s a old stand up one that has many panels, top shelves, lids and all that jazz. Here’s two little sneak peek portraits in progress, there more to come. Should wrap this up by next week, hopef