APRIL 2ND, 2010
Hey there, I attended a lecture at Art Center last week, the guys from Planet Illogica were there explaining what they do and how their site works. It pretty cool, basically it’s a simple platform that artists and creatives can build and showcase their work, while checking out all kinds of art all on one
February 14th is Valentine’s day as you may know, but it’s also the date of The Love Show 2. One Night Only!!!!! That’s right, In 2002 A select group of young figurative painters assembled to create their first art show. The exhibition was titled “Love Show” and opened in down Town Los Angeles, California, February
Hey there, I have my work on this site called society6. It’s a platform for the world’s artists and creatives to promote their work and connect with unique opportunities. That’s the description they have on they site. But some of my work is available as prints. It’s pretty cool, all you have to do is
JANUARY 23RD, 2010
PAPER + Converse Present: WE LOVE ART A Collision of Creativity: Saturday, January 23, Noon – 4PM Special Event begins at 9pm Music by: Mark Hunter, Ana Calderon, Tokimonsta, Skeet Skeet, Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast RSVP@papermag.com if you want on the VIP list for the Sat party – non tranferrable The Montalban Theatre 1615
Pretty crazy, there were people lining up outside the gallery by 5pm the day before. That’s nuts!! That means these people stayed outside in the cold all night to make sure they got in. That’s some dedication, hats off to you people! Here’s some picts of the event. Visit Gallery 1988 and see the show