JULY 2ND, 2009
Celeritas @ SURU, Opening on July 12th, The show will feature a star-studden lineup of artists exhibiting works inspired by motorcycle racing culture. Participants include: Barry McGee, Joe Hahn, Mike Shinoda, Mark Dean Veca, Audrey Kawasaki, Stash, Futura, James Jean, Jim Lee, Alex Pardee, Jeff McMillan, Troy Lee, Jesse James, Usugrow, Nathan Cabrera, Dr. Romanelli
JULY 1ST, 2009
JUNE 20TH, 2009
There’s a band out there called “Infected Mushroom“, they’re an Israeli psychedelic trance and electronic music duo. Apparently they’re huge all over the world with little play in the states, their popularity here is growing i hear. I’ve been working with them to create an identity for the next album “The Legend of The Black
JUNE 18TH, 2009
Hey there, So next up is Mike Tyson, you know “Dynamite Kid” “Iron Mike Tyson”, Undisputed Heavyweight Champion who was nearly invincible during his career of 50 Wins, 44 KO’s and 6 losses. Not bad at all, when compared to Ali considered “the greatest ever” ended his career at 56 Wins 37 KO’s and 5
JUNE 18TH, 2009
Oh man, where to start There’s been a whole lot going on here, so i’ll fill you with all the news. To start off with the latest, Liv and I just had our year anniversary in Palm Springs, Whoohoo for us, don’t be jealous! Liv is quite the correspondent and if you check out her