Sorry, i have been a lazy blogger, the previous week, before thanksgiving i was working up until the very last minute to get this painting to level of being done to put on a postcard. It’s a upcoming show at Gallery 1988, Jan 8th. “Under the Influence” Hosted by Stan Lee. That’s right, over one
Here’s a preview of “Passage of Mystic Rights” it’s going to be in the “The Strangest Life I’ve Ever Known” show over at the JFlynn Gallery November 10th , I just finished this one about an hour ago, hope to see you all there. check out the website, it’s been updated. You can find all
OCTOBER 30TH, 2007
Hey guys, Saturday November 10th, is the opening of “This Is The Strangest Life I’ve Ever Known” a smaller group show that I had the privilege to curate. The show will explore Myths, Legends, Folk Tales and Oddities check it out, you won’t want to miss this one. artists include: Matt Groller Seth Drenner Sue
OCTOBER 26TH, 2007
Hey guys Just out, on the shelves of your local book retailer “Just Can’t Get Enough” a book revisiting toys, games, and the cartoons of the eighties. If you were a kid in the eighties you had it made, we had it all. If there was a cartoon you liked, there were toys that accompanied
Hey, this is pretty cool, check out this site,I’m featured in the first issue of Bestia Mag, along with a hundred other artists from around the world. Hopefully this online magazine finds success and will go for many more issues. At the very least you get a taste of what other artists are up