Hey all, it’s been a while since my last entry, so i figured a new post was necessary. There’s a whole lot going on for me nowadays. Today is my last day at the job. I’m making the leap to painting full time, it’s a little scary. We’ll see what happens. First, on October 30th
AUGUST 29TH, 2007
Hello there- I had a pretty productive crazy summer, from early June to early August i had five shows, got engaged, moved, did a cd cover, and sold a painting to Kevin Smith, phew! Late August has been kind of slow, so I got a day job at a cool ad firm called Forde and
AUGUST 13TH, 2007
Here’s the new piece i did for the Corey Helford Gallery this past weekend. It was a pretty amazing show, here’s the link to see all the work- view artwor
AUGUST 10TH, 2007
Hey there, this weekend at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, I’m fortunate to be in a awesome group called Literartistry here’s the gallery’s website go! i’ll post the painting
AUGUST 10TH, 2007
To answer Rich’s question in a very delayed response i did post the belt buckles i did for the camp show a couple weeks back, here’s the blog-belt buckle blo