JULY 16TH, 2007
This sculpture was made, then three paintings followed it. It was a show called “process” the curator gave us full reign to do whatever we wanted to do, so they wasn’t any rules. The show was mainly about the process we all go through to make a piece of art. My process was procrastination, i
JULY 12TH, 2007
I finished this piece a while ago, but just failed to get it shot due to other stuff going, but here’s it is. Come see show at gallery 1988, it’s going to be nuts I tell you! here’s the link- http://www.gallery1988.com here’s the info- July 17th 7
JULY 12TH, 2007
Hey guys, Kevin Smith was on 97.1 Talk Radio last Saturday. He was promoting the show, “crazy 4 Cult” He sounds like he really stoked to be involved with this event, he also gave a great shout out to myself and my piece. This show is going to be even larger than I ever imagined,
JULY 11TH, 2007
Hey there, so the cult show piece is done and it look pretty cool. This show is getting great press, check out the website for the gallery- gallery1988.com. Kevin Smith was talking about the show on 97.1 talk radio. He’s hosting this event and he referred to my painting as the “Mona Lisa” of peek
JUNE 27TH, 2007
This piece is killing me, it’s almost done, but not really. Too many details!! It’s going to be the promotion piece for the show, so I’m really excited about that. I’ve painting characters in and painting some out depending who is actually coming to this event. The Show is getting excellent press and turning the