AUGUST 24TH, 2013
It’s beer week coming up in Sept and La Luz de Jesus is hosting a show called Beer is Art.  A Show celebrating beer by having art on, you guess it….. Beer coasters!  I did some cat head faces on coasters.  Check it out if you can. It should a fun one to see. &
MARCH 13TH, 2013
Just finished this last night.  I painted this piece for a tribute/celebration exhibition of Ralph Steadman’s work.  The show includes many great artists and I’m honored to be a part of this.   Curated by Nathan Spoor and hosted by Tag Galleries, this show will travel on the east coast and maybe get out here.
MARCH 5TH, 2013
Borrowed from the great Frank Zappa, I give you the above mentioned name of this piece.  Sorry it’s a little risqué.  It’s for a show later on this year.  I could explain what’s happening here in this secret session, but I’d hate to disappoint you.  Just use your imagination.  If you have an hour or
Just finished this one tonight, Nathan Spoor put together a show called Kindred at Bold Hype Gallery in New York.  Each Piece is 12x12in, so I did another swamp booger, I’m calling it  simply “Alan”.  They’ve been on my mind lately.  I did some post its for GR2 late last year featuring these savage rascals,
I recently finished another painting for the Long Beach Museum of Art’s 15th Art Auction.  This painting was inspired by  a piece in the background of the previous auction’s piece “Birds Fly By Flapping Their Wings“.  See if you can get it.  The Show will open April 18th and run though May18th, Sunday May 19th