APRIL 1ST, 2014
Phone Booth Gallery’s 6th Anniversary show is coming up.  So to stick with the 6 theme, all participator artists were asked do a 6x6in piece.  I did another weird possessed cat portrait.  The show opens April 5th 7-10pm     Here’s my submission- Opening the same evening is Flower Pepper Gallery’s Of History and Hope curated
MARCH 23RD, 2014
My exhibition of the brief history of Prigus Sport at the RVCA’s San Francisco Gallery is coming up, I’ll be unveiling the first phase of this project.  The show will focus on the sport and how it all started in a tiny town called Rabun Gap in north eastern Geo
I think to keep kids in line these days, we need fictional characters like Krampus.  Unlike Santa and Jesus, who just forgive and then reward, Krampus kidnaps bad children and takes them to his lair in his wicker basket or burlap sack.   There’s consequences kids!  You just can’t go around be jerks all year
This past weekend I was in a couple shows.  Q Art Salon in Santa Ana hosted a drawing only show titled “Drawn in” curated by John Paul Altamira.  I submitted a couple repurposed drawings involving a yeti and a couple of unfortunate sherpas. The second  Show was the 9th annual Post It show at Giant Robot.
  A Brief History- The origins of Prigus Sport are in a small little town in the North East corner of Georgia named Rabun Gap.  That’s where the Bengal Tigers started. The Prigus is the game ball.  It was named after a tiny field lizard that inhabited the farms around that that time.  Sadly, it