JANUARY 11TH, 2013
I did some graphite drawings of WWII fighter planes for a show titled 1942 at the The Orange County Great Park. 1942 is a Great Park Artists Studios exhibition featuring a moving collection of original paintings by contemporary Southern California-based artists that reflects on memories of 1942 from a variety of unique and personal perspectives,
I apologize for the tardiness of this post-  Here’s my contributions to GR2′s Post It Show for 2012, I drew up some swamp boogers.  A SB is a taxidermied deer ass turned upside down where the tail becomes the chin/goatee and the mouth is the b hole.  People put different eyes and teeth on them
OCTOBER 22ND, 2012
Recently I was asked to design a shirt graphic for the Long beach Zombie Walk happening this Saturday the 27th.  Come on down and check it out, grab a shirt, it should be fun.  My good friend Gary Musgrave , master screen printer did a design as well.  Here’s my, it has that mid to late
OCTOBER 21ST, 2012
Alex Pardee curated the Halloween issue of Juxtapoz Magazine and on the Jux site he had this section called Pardee’s picks.  I was asked to submit and fill out a questionnaire, so I did and it was great.  I was honored to be a part of his personal picks.  Here’s the article—–> http://www.juxtapoz.com/Current/pardee-jeff-mcmillan   &
OCTOBER 20TH, 2012
I was recently commissioned by RVCA to paint Makua’s ukulele for the hang tags featuring his new line of clothes dropping soon, Makua is a pro surfer sponsored by RVCA.  His Ukulele was beautiful, and I tried to do it justice in this painting, hopefully I did.  He liked it.  Up top left is a