Album Art, Digital Album Covers and RVCA

There’s a band out there called “Infected Mushroom“, they’re an Israeli psychedelic trance and electronic music duo. Apparently they’re huge all over the world with little play in the states, their popularity here is growing i hear. I’ve been working with them to create an identity for the next album “The Legend of The Black Shawarma”, I learned quite a bit about the band and their fans. I was commissioned to create an album cover for the band. They had a great idea for the cover, check this out- A Shawarma is a popular dish in the Middle East and North Africa, now there’s also a Black Shawarma, i assume it’s related. It is highly sought after by all the woodland creatures who travel near and far, as they line up to get a taste of this mystical sandwich, served to them by a creepy gnome and blue fairy that work out of a huge sequoia, I also did digital album artwork for the band’s single “Smashing the Opponent”
and a band logo.
see here-

Next up, Two more bands. I did a digital album artwork for Fall Out Boy’s single America’s Suitehearts, it hit the itunes store last month as well as the infected mushroom single “Smashing the Opponent”, check it out-

I did another cover for band named “Pleasure Device” here’s that one is-

Finally, I’ve been working with RVCA for a couple of years now. They’re a great company, definitely one of the only surf/skate companies in Orange County that really does outstanding stuff with art. Check them out if you haven’t before, here’s some new designs i did for them lately-

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