Couple of things going…..

Hey there,
so there’s a couple of things going on that i felt like posting,
First, I’ve been keeping this under the radar because i wasn’t sure if it was going to happen. But it is, so i’ll let the cat out of the bag here.
I have been working with Zune (Mircosoft) and the artist Kenna on his custom zune.
Our artwork is engraved on the back on the unit and when the mp3 player is turned on my painting is the background wallpaper.

Here’s a preview on the front and back view of it.

here’s a link to the article online-

As for shows go, the next couple months are pretty quiet-
it starts up in late March, this is my first time exhibiting internationally at Stolen Space Gallery in London.
It’s the traveling show titled “Draw”
It started in New York, then Austin and it’s now arriving in London. coooool!

Then in April, starting right at the beginning on the 1st over at gallery 1988.
They’ve teamed up with Mattel and they are having the 40th anniversary of hot wheels group show.
40 or so artists got blank vans to customize, i just finished mine, here’s a sneak preview.

Then on April 4th over at the Melt Gallery on Sunset
“Gag me with a toon”
Melt gallery
7522 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

What’s your favorite 80’s cartoon? come on down, maybe you’ll see it there.

Here’s the line up

Roman Dirge
Nathan Cabrera
Bob Dob
Greg Craola simkins
Tomi monstre
Steven Daily
Reginio Gonzales
Jeff McMillan
Ill gill
Jhonen Vasquez
Adele Mildrid
Matt bone
John Schnepp
Johnathan wayshack
Tara Mcphereson
Klim kozevich
Ashley wood
Tim biskup
Jeff soto

That’s all for now, i think
you see another post if i forgot anything important.


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