Recapping Suru, Star Wars and Morgan Spurlock

Oh man, where to start
There’s been a whole lot going on here, so i’ll fill you with all the news.
To start off with the latest, Liv and I just had our year anniversary in Palm Springs, Whoohoo for us, don’t be jealous!
Liv is quite the correspondent and if you check out her blog she will fill you in on all that awesome stuff, click here

So let me bring you up to speed here-

Recapping the SURU show, here’s a couple of pieces

Suru released a couple of shirt designs for the show, Hypebeast, Highsnobiety and Slamxhype were kind enough to covered it-



Here’s two more pieces to add to the Star Wars collection, and this is great news indeed, check this out, Morgan Spurlock bought these.

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