Star Wars Holiday Special /// Yay! La Magazine

Yay! La Magazine release it’s 2 annual Legends Everyday Art Show. The list was huge, tons of artist had the chance to pick their choice of what to paint from the what was available on the list- Here’s the complete list here– . Naturally I gravitated to Star Wars, but not the good Star Wars and not even the really bad Star Wars prequels. I’m talking about the Star Wars Holiday Special in the 80’s. The Star Wars Holiday Special, not sure if many people remember or tried hard to forget it… It was god awful, I don’t know what George Lucas was thinking when he signed off on this one. Anyways, I chose it because it was so tacky and just plain bad, but funny as hell! So here’s to a Seasonal Salute from the whacky Chewbacca Family

Look it up on youtube and see for yourself, actually, here’s the link- The Star Wars Holiday Special

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