POW! WOW! Long Beach 2016 /// The Draculas Video

POW! WOW! Long Beach 2016 kicked off for the second year in a row in Long Beach this July. I recently met up with Scott Nichols of Sickboat Creative, he was interested in covering the progress of the murals that were going up during the week. Instead he set up camp and stay at our location the while time. He spent 4 days with us documenting everything from long days that morphed into late nights to Gary and myself discussing what the next steps were, and the pep talks. You get the chance to see in this amazing video the back and forth decision making that goes into a mural. We had a game plan for the design and color, but those usually change a bit in the progress. That’s the fun part of it. Gary and myself couldn’t be any more proud of the work we all did in those short 4 days in July. Scott did such a stellar job shooting, directing and editing this video, and we can’t thank him enough for his talents and time. …..And for having the best video documenting a mural from start to finish at this year’s POW! WOW!

Also here’s the instagram version of the video too-

The Draculas Instagram Video

We were covered by a couple sites too, many thanks for all the support!!!

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High Snobiety


Yay! La Magazine

LA Taco

Montana Cans

Art LT Mag

Wind Up Magazine

Sick Boat Creative

Imprint Culture Lab

Long Beach Post

Typo Graphical

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