The V Room and The Draculas and POW! WOW! Long Beach

The V Room Mural

When walls were being picked for POW! WOW! Long Beach we initially got assigned a wall that was up in Bixby and it was crazy scary big.  Luckily something fell threw with the artist that was originally assigned to the V Room and we were moved to there.  Apparently the owners wanted a local to paint a mural on their wall.  That worked out great because the V Room was our first choice anyways.  We’ve been pretty lucky to get walls where they’re either private or hidden but in this case the V Room wasn’t hidden or private, it was just he opposite.   What we loved about this mural was it’s a staple of long Beach and it was all ours!

I contacted our good friend and Draculas collaborator Scott Nichols to shoot and direct a video documenting the mural’s progress and to squeeze a story out of the week while getting a taste of the other murals going up that week.  Photo below by Brandon Shigeta


The Video <–>