Coachella and SZA

Coachella/ POSTed Studio project

So for Coachella this year I participated in the POSTed Studio program.  This program allows people of any level of artistic skill to express their opinions through the visually impactful format of the poster. Participants are supplied with art materials to develop their concepts using a combination of drawing, cut paper, collage, and messaging. The artists that POSTed Studio partnered up with develop and interpret those rough concepts into finished works of art – ready to be shared with the world to inspire problem-solving dialog.  I chose the subjects of “Clean up your Shit!” and “Stop Mining in the dessert”  Here’s the posters below-




SZA Coachella

I also designed a shirt for SZA for her Coachella shows the weekends she was there. She’s like the nature stuff so I came up with this utopian mountain range with waterfalls and a view from a island, they both have hidden unicorns in them. Go on…..try and find him, look close!