LA Galaxy and Port LBC

LA Galaxy x Port LBC

Over the summer Port LBC released a capsule Collection for the LA Galaxy. The capsule collection was inspired by the legacy of soccer in Los Angeles and pays homage to the roots of and growth of the sport in the community.  I illustrated and designed big head Galaxy players characters for shirts and sweatshirts.  Here’s Capsule video, see the it below-


See the Capsule here or if you’re in town stop by Port

Port LBC 402 St. Louis, Long Beach, 90814





Colin Powell Academy for Success Mural

The Colin Powell Eagle Mural

I started talking with Erin Villegas a teacher at Colin Powell late last year about doing mural at her school.  Her neighbor who works at LBMA recommended us and that the genesis of this project.  I reached out to Scott Nichols a Draculas collaborator to do an video documenting the mural’s progress, our story but more importantly the impact public art has on a community and with the staff and students.  The results were amazing and it’s one of the most rewarding projects I’ve been involved with to date.

Soaring to Success is a short story of a unique public school in the Northside of Long Beach, Ca. manifesting an inclusive experience for their students to paint a mural of their redesigned mascot. A Bald Eagle representing the school’s values – Respect. Honor. Courage. Leadership. Integrity.


Underfunded as many schools are across the nation, the resourceful staff of Colin Powell Academy for Success led by Erin Villegas, raised funds via grants to partner with professional muralists, The Draculas. A Southern California-based trio comprised of artists Jeff McMillan, Gary Musgrave, and Jake Kazakos.

Having fun and painting with the students during the weeklong team building experience, promotes the positive progression and innovation of public art as a means of building camaraderie and school spirit to amplify the current and future generations of the school’s youth. Let more students soar to success!


Supported By:
The Draculas
LB School District
The Long Beach Arts Council
American Rentals, Inc.

Music By:
Tony Tripledouble



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RVCA Platform tee

RVCA Platform Tee

RVCA created a program called “Platform” where they release a shirt form a different artist every other month.  This program revisits RVCA’s wide roster of artists they work with and its a big and impressive list and I feel very fortunate to part if the ANP program.

The RVCA Platform Wisdom Of The Ancients T-Shirt is a slim fit, vintage wash tee with a front screenprint graphic by ANP artist Jeff McMillan. It has contrast red stitching at the shoulders, a back ANP screenprint at the neckline, and a screened inside neck label. The tee features the center piece of Jeff’s triptych Kunstkammer painting consisting of cryptozoology, taxidermy, rare botanical specimens, artifacts, & prehistoric fossils. The original “Wisdom of the Ancients” painting is housed in a private collector’s gallery somewhere in Marfa, Texas