MARCH 20TH, 2015
My Solo Show is finally next week, I’ve been working on unleashing this beast for awhile now, come hither!  I’m heading up to San Fran tomorrow to finish it all up all the odds and ends for next Friday’s opening.  Opening Reception Friday March 27 2015 6-9pm It’ s going to be a lot of
OCTOBER 21ST, 2014
Last weekend my show at As Issued opened.  It was a brief look at the gear (the Paddles) of Prigus Sport and the Mascots that represent the proud cities that host these terrific teams.   This show is the first public exhibition study of the sport.  I focused on first, the Mascots.  Each city throughout
OCTOBER 21ST, 2014
I have a piece in the Marcas Gallery down in Santa Ana.  The show was titled Foundation”We’re beginnings end”.  It focuses on the importance and the beauty of under paintings.  They are the structure of most works that are rarely seen in the finish project.  It was a cool show to see for many reasons,
OCTOBER 21ST, 2014
SOUND & VISION was an exclusive  group art exhibition featuring works by 25 of LA’s most compelling visual artists. The event took place  on October 11, 2014  at the legendary Sound City Studios location, which is now Fairfax Recordings. SOUND & VISION pays tribute to all the musicians that have recorded there, creating some of
OCTOBER 19TH, 2014
I was hired to design a logo and the illustration for the Bucardo.  The Illustration and logo went on the first mustache mug since the victorian era.  The Mug has been brought back from extinction- lets’s go back.  First, here’s a brief history of Bucardo, the company and the beast. In 2000, the last of the bucardo,