Prigus Sport Australia opens it’s first leg of it’s premier league 2015 tour in Melbourne October 2nd at Mild Manners Gallery  If by chance you happen to be in Melbourne come on over and check it out.  The show will focus on 6 new professional teams and 5 minor league circuits spread all over Australia
JULY 8TH, 2015
Tomorrow Agenda kicks off in Long Beach, It’ll be in town July 8th-9th. I’m finishing finishing up my POW! WOW! mural in the morning and later on that night RVCA is hosting an event along side Agenda and POW! WOW! to celebrate The Vitality ad Verve exhibit at the Long Beach Museum of Art and
JULY 5TH, 2015
I had the honor and pleasure of joining he POW! WOW! family on their current stop in Long Beach California.  They joined up with LBMA and Thinkspace to produce an epic show of amazingly talents artists in the museum titled Vitality and Verve while outside I joined another insanely awesome crew of artists that transformed
JULY 4TH, 2015
RVCA produced a limited edition Rabun Gap Tigers Pyshical Education Throwback style shirt as well as patches for the San Francisco Show. They’re both very limited.  Once they’re gone, that’s it!  There’s still a couple left….   The Jeff McMillan Prigus Tee is a slim fit tee with a front screenprint by ANP artist Jeff
JULY 4TH, 2015
RVCA is producing the first round of the Prigus Sport Ticket Shirts (PSTS)  They’ll be available on the RVCA site very soon in the sport line.  The first series in the Prigus Sport Line-  Rabun Gap Tigers, The Goleta Riggers, and Virginia Outlaws.  We’re getting Closer to visiting Rabun Gap Georgia in October and actually